Monday, April 26, 2010

Start How You Want to Finish
A dear friend gave me this advise in regards to parenting. If you don’t want to end up with your children sleeping in bed with you, then don’t start that way. If you don’t want to end up feeding your children mac and cheese and chicken nuggets every meal, then don’t start that way. This logic is so true, not only for raising children, but for living life! Start how you want to finish. It first demands that we sit and think about the “finish” part of our life– how do I want to end up? What do I want to be known for or how do I want to be remembered? Not to be morbid, but how can we know what path to start down if we don’t know where we want to finish? This idea of thinking about the end result, thinking of the finished product and what I want it to look like has come to the forefront of my mind as my Grandmother is in the sunset years of her life at 89 years old. Our time on earth is so brief, to live without intention is a waste. To start habits or routine that seems easy for the moment, yet we know we’ll have to change down the road, seems foolish. Start how you want to finish. Even if we’ve started down paths that we know will not take us to a wonderful place, it’s not too late to change the course and start anew. Take some time to think about how you want to finish, then make plans to start living in a way that will yield that end result.

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