Friday, April 23, 2010

Baby Bunnies
I can’t believe you’re 4 years old today! Where has the time gone? It feels like yesterday that the doctor said, “yes, there are two babies!” I couldn’t believe it. I just prayed that you’d be healthy, but secretly, I hoped you were twin girls! I thought 2 little girls would be so much fun. And God blessed me with twin baby girls!! Emmie Squirrel – you are my precious mouse. I love how you dress up so pretty and dance and sing. You love to include everyone and graciously hand out toys to all your friends. Georgie Mouse – you are my love bug. I love how you help me in the kitchen and dance and sing while doing it! You are so loving and always give hugs and kisses to everyone. I am so blessed to have two darling daughters who teach me so much and challenge me to be a better woman every day. I love you both dearly. Happy Birthday Baby Bunnies!

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