Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Little Problems Lead To Big Problems

Do you ever think, 
"It's no big deal, it will go away."
"This is a minor issue, I can live with this."
"Just once more, I'll stop tomorrow."
Whether it be a bad habit, a small pain in your leg, or the need to eat better and exercise - little problems eventually lead to big problems!
Right now I'm in the midst of reaping the benefits of little problems gone big!
Over 12 years ago I had a dentist tell me I should get a bite guard for my teeth that I grind at night.
My bottom teeth were barely starting to move and become unnoticeably crooked.
That was just it, it was pretty much unnoticeable!, so why should I spend the money to fix something that really didn't need fixing at the moment?!
Well, here I am, 12 years later, doing Invisalign!

(I'm sure you totally wanted to see my retainers!  I'm visual.)

A small problem that was hardly noticeable to anyone grew into a big problem where my bottom teeth became so crooked they changed my bite and I started fracturing my teeth with my hard, unaligned bite!
Now I get to relive jr. high and wear retainers 22 hours a day! 
(insert *high kick* and side ponytail)

Then a few months back my hip started to hurt and when it became almost unbearable I went to the doctor and now am in physical therapy 3 days a week.
Atrophy in a tiny muscle, one that "working out" doesn't really get to, is causing my hip to push out in a way that over time has become rather painful.
They say my butt is weak!
(insert another *high kick* but not so high, I'll pull my groin!)

 (I'm sure you totally want to see my legs.  Again, I'm visual)

3 days a week I get to go have nice men put my legs in awkward positions and tell me to "hold it there for 1 minute," while I sweat and shake.  Then I get to put on my most favorite Dolphin running shorts (no, I don't run unless being chased) and have the physical therapist rub my hip / butt and my thigh.  Luckily my PT is a female friend and I only sweat a little with awkward discomfort.
After the not-so-luxurious massage, I get to have those nice men (or young men rather - now that I'm over 40 I can say that of twenty-somethings!) put their hands down my pants and hook me up to some wires that send electrical currents through my hip / butt and wrap me in ice.
(forget about the *high kick* I'm too sore)
A little problem - lack of exercise and strength training - has grown into a big problem that now allows me to be embarrassed 3 times a week.

Such a great life lesson:
Problems, if not taken care of when they are little, will grow into BIG problems.
And the list goes on of areas in life, that if they go unchecked and little problems creep up, before we know it, we are in deep trouble with big problems.

If there is a small, nagging area in your life today that needs some attention - do it!
Don't allow a little problem to grow into a BIG problem!
(and spare yourself the humiliation of wearing retainers while being rubbed down in Dolphin shorts and allowing strangers to hook wires up to your butt!)

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