Monday, May 18, 2015

100% Redeemed

I cried a lot today.... over a crashed hard drive.  My back up system apparently didn't work and it seems that 10 years of photos and documents are gone, just like that.
As I got in the car to take my crashed hard drive back to the computer technicians, I cried, just like I had through pieces of the morning.

"Do you see a lot of people cry?" I asked the tech.
"Yea, about one a day," he said.
"Well, I cried in the car, so I won't make your quota today!"
"I can usually recover about 10-70% of what was lost. 
It's a big range, I know, but we can't make any promises."
"Well, I believe in a big God and I'm praying for a miracle! 
Are you ready to recover 100% for the first time in your career?"  I joked with some hope of truth.
"I have a lot of people praying," I told him.

I left and wrestled with the feeling of such a great loss.  10 years of photos of my babies and countless sermons and talks I've written and probably much more that I haven't yet remembered was on my computer.  I've wrestled with losing these things, and knowing that what matters most is still with me.  My kids were all with me at the computer store and I kept looking at them thinking, "I still have them, the real them, not just the photographs."

Then this evening, while the techs still try to recover data off my hard drive, I read a post from Ann VosKamp.  A post that made me too cry like much of my day.  A post that talked of great loss, far greater than photographs or documents.  A post that talked of a loss where there are no technicians to recover 10-70% of what is now gone.  A post that made me more upset than a crashed hard drive.

A post that I hope you'll read too and plead with me to a BIG GOD who can recover and restore all that is lost.  There is no 10-70% with God.
He's 100% Redeemer.

Please read this post from Ann:


  1. Did you recover any? I went through this a little bit in December when a harddrive failed that had backed up the past year. Eventually they recovered 100%. But I know exactly what you're feeling and I'm sorry. It is mourning a death. Truly. We use Crash Plan to double back up. I'm so sorry.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about that. No one can blame you for wanting to cry; that is a lot of important documents and memories that you risk losing because of that crash. I do hope that the technician was able to recover most, if not all the data from your hard drive.

    Cordia Remsen @ RBSMN



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