Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mack's 4th Birthday

Like I mentioned,
Our little dude turned 4 a few weeks ago and last Saturday we got to celebrate with family and friends!
He is obsessed with cars.  He can name every make of car driving down the street and I'll ask him, "how do you know that is a Corvette?"  His response, "look at the tail lights Mommy!" 
All he wanted was a "Camero, Corvette, Mustang Birthday" so I did my best to make that happen.
And before you're even slightly impressed, let me just say I'm really good at copying!  Pintrist offered great ideas and SIMONE made it gave some super cute printables!!

The kids started at Driver Registration where they received their pit pass, drivers license, and a car.
Then they had to take their official Mack's Motor Speedway photo!
 Outside we set up various race tracks for the children to play with.
And Daddy built an amazing race track just for the party!

I kept the food simple by ordering pizza! (I'm learning!) and simply made the cake and cupcakes (recipe to come - it's my favorite chocolate cake recipe!)
Our artistic Daddy did the chalk boards!

How crazy cute are these Teddy Bear Racers?  Thanks Pintrist!
Some popcorn, pretzles, and goldfish crackers for "Nuts and Bolts" snacks

Perhaps this was my one original idea - I stopped by the Camero dealer early one morning and took some photos.  Then I went and had them blown up at Staples for $7!  Super fun!

The Grandmas and Great Auntie made great Race Cheerleaders!
Each kiddo went home with their Hot Wheele, a small trophy, a small wooden car that they got to decorate and a wheele yo-yo!
A great time was had by all!
Check out Simone Made It on Etsy for some cute party printables!


  1. HOLY COW this was amazing!! Can you come plan our next birthday party??? :) Yay for Pinterest ideas... I'm pinning this post to add to my Party Ideas Pinboard !!

  2. What a great party, besides the cute decorations I can't imagine the kids not having a blast! Those little bear racers were just too cute!

  3. I love how special you make birthdays for your kiddos :)



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