Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Last night my life changed.
My husband came home with this for me
Yep, that's right...
my first iPhone.
Most of you have had one for years
but I've just come into the 21st century!
No more smoke signals to communicate or pigeon carriers.
So, help me out... what are your must have apps?
What do you do with this thing most?
What can't you live without?


  1. I'm an Android fan, but CONGRATS on your new fun toy!! It'll be great! One app I just read about for iPhones is ArtKive- you can take a pic of your kid's artwork and upload it to the app to save...that way you don't have to feel bad if you trash their millions of coloring pages! Then one day, you can have a book printed of all of their fun pics! Sounds cool!

  2. I just got my first one last week! Love it! Congrats, and have fun with it!

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  4. I have only had my iPhone for 6 months and i LOVE it!!!!!



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