Sunday, July 22, 2012

Highlight Reel - Part 1

Since I haven't really posted in a few weeks, I thought I'd share what I've been up to!
With my husband's crazy work schedule these days, I decided to take the children to Northern California for a few weeks to stay with my parents.  We had a wonderful time!

I got to spend a few days away from the children up at my brother's house in San Francisco.  While he was at work, I got myself some "lunch" and sat by the water to enjoy!  That evening we went to dinner with an old friend.
The following day, my brother and I went on a "Lilly Blanchard."  Awhile back my brother dictated a text to a friend, "let's go on a little adventure."  It was translated to his friend, "let's go on a Lilly Blanchard."  And thus, the Lilly Blanchard was born!
We drove north, over the Golden Gate, through the hills, and came to a magical place where we tasted some delightful cheeses,  stopped for some seafood on a bay, and practically froze our buns off!

Upon our return, the children were delivered for "Uncle Camp."

There was lots of coloring.  Check out this site and thank me later!  There were dance parties, and the fabulous formation of the Uncle Camp Band!!

Then onto amazing kite flying.  You didn't just fly these kites... they flew you!!
The kids had a blast!

The Uncle Camp Kite Team
Well, there's lots more to come, but I thought I'd give a little update.



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