Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

In case you need some inspiration for your Thanksgiving fruit platter today!!!

Today is the last day to enter the Advent Devotional give away.  Go here to enter
 I can't wait for tomorrow!
 I'm really excited to share an important post with you
and announce the give away winner.

Happy Turkey lovin' today!


  1. omgoodness, i ABSOLUTELY love your turkey fruit platter! so creative & cute!

  2. Happy thanksgiving, blogger buddy :)

  3. ok, one more comment...LOL... i just "pinned" this post to my Pinterest so I can save the fruit tray idea!

  4. Love the turkey fruit platter. It's adorable!!!!

  5. So happy to have come across your blog through seeing your adorable Thanksgiving Fruit Platter on Pinterest! {SO cute btw!} I enjoyed checking out some of your newer posts as well. I'm officially your newest GFC follower and looking forward to your future posts! ;) Have a beautiful day!

  6. How do you keep the apples from turning brown? Fantastic idea that I think my kids especially my 3 yr old twins would have fun with!

  7. 3 years after you posted this, I'm just now finding it - thanks to Lana's Thanksgiving edible posts. The fruit turkey is perfect!

    Tavette - S. Florida

  8. Being artistically challenged, I would like a little more directions for putting your Thanksgiving turkey fruit platter together; i.e., how many apples & what kind did you use, how many pints of strawberries, how many & what kind of oranges? Any help from someone would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks - Becky - Gaithersburg, MD



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