Monday, May 9, 2011

Fairy Garden Party

My little ladies turned 5 in April and we had a magical day celebrating!  
*Warning - there are TONS of photos to follow!
The Fairy Garden Party

Tissue Poms were everywhere!
My mother hand painted tiny fairies for all the children!

These ruffles might be my new favorite thing!
The day's activities:
When the children arrived, they selected their wings and the girls received either a pink or orange flower for their hair
Then they headed outside to have their faces painted,
begin creating their own Fairy Houses and munch on some Magical Fairy Clouds!

We did a magical Fairy Treasure Hunt where the children listened to clues and found golden acorns, glass dew drops, fairy snacks, magical fairy coins and the bonus treasure was a garden gnome.  After completing the treasure hunt,
each child received their pixie dust!
The Grand Fairy House that held the glass dew drops
Finding the Magical Fairy Coins in the Ruffled Tree
Lining up to receive their Pixie Dust!

 We created a private dining area for the children down our side yard.
It was very special for them to get to eat alone!
And it allowed me to have it all set up ahead of time.

The Birthday Girls sat at the head of the table
The children drank pink lemonade from pink wine glasses
Lunch Menu:
(All the sandwiches were fairy size)
Pixie Butter & Jelly Flowers
Turkey & Cheese Snails
Robin's Egg Salad Butterflies
Fairy Berries
Fairy Garden Veggies & Dip
Fairy Dessert Table

 Fairy Desserts:
Magical Marshmello Wands
Fairy Flower Cookie Wands
Tiny Fairy Cakes
Lemon Blossoms
Fairy Kisses (cotton candy)
And although there were plenty of desserts, I had to have a small cake with candles for them to blow out!  It's our traditional birthday cake for the girls which was also my grandmother's favorite birthday cake - vanilla cake with lemon filling and whipped cream frosting.  (We ate it the next day for Easter!)
The children finished their day by receiving their wands and
a BIG thank you from the Birthday Girls!
Where to find some things:
1.  Fairy Graphics -
2.  Wings - I looked all over and was amazed at how affordable these were, the variety to choose from, and their quality -
4.  Ruffles - again, my new favorite thing!  Super easy, inexpensive (cheap actually!) and adorable! -
5.  I found many great things at the Dollar Store:
*the little tree centerpieces that held the fairies - they were Easter trees that I covered with orange wrapping paper and topped with a ruffle.  I took off the paper and used them the next day for my Easter centerpieces, covered with Easter ornaments!
*silk flowers
*glass rocks for dew drops
6.  My dear friend Hillary took many photos for me so that I could just enjoy my girls and the party!  xoxox
*Come back tomorrow for Yummy Summer!  Every Tuesday link up to swap Summer plans, ideas, crafts and recipes to do with our children and together let's make this a very Yummy Summer!


  1. Stunning. In every respect. Those are some pretty blessed little girls. And I know you had so much fun putting it on! I wish I could have been there. My little fairy would have been in heaven. I'm sure all those girls were.

  2. Oh my goodness! What a delightful party! I had such a fascination with fairies and wings and all that sparkle when I was young. I am sure this is a day all those little girls will always remember!

  3. Such a fun party!!! Beautiful photos. I hope you had a great Mother's day!

  4. How lovely ....fairies, fun and frivolity - so beautiful!

  5. Oh my gosh!!! What an amazing party!!!! Wish I had a little girl to plan parties for. :)

  6. good gravy mama! this is amazing! i turn 30 in a year and a half and i am telling my hubby now, i want a fairy garden party! but seriously, great, great job!!

  7. I know this is an old post, but i came across it from another blog.What an awesome party! I loved your details. Would you mind sharing where i could find those tubes for 'pixie' dust?

  8. Very Good pictures,nice job. Can you pl let me know how did you do fairies welcome here with Pixie or fairy picture, is it a graphic or a stamp.Email me to

  9. This seems like only yesterday. I can't believe almost a year has gone by. They truly are growing up too fast. We miss you all!

  10. These pictures are wonderful! What a special day for your girls! I am planning a fairy party for my soon-to-be 4 year old...I have pinned this site so as to remember all of your GREAT ideas! Thank you for sharing.

  11. These are so cute! What fun ideas! Here is another cute party favor idea:

  12. These are so cute! What fun ideas! Here is another cute party favor idea:

  13. Your kids’ birthday is just fabulous! I love how the fairy theme works for you. And having a scavenger activity can help keep the kids entertained all throughout. But then again, with such a magical party, boredom is the least of your worries. :)

  14. Adorable! Where did you find the 'fairy house'?

  15. it seems to me that children had great fun all cute little girls were looking like ferries Shindigz Coupon Code

  16. Thanks for sharing information on this garden party. I am planning to arrange a garden tea party and trying to find best Chicago venues. Hope to find a lovely venue and wish to have a grand party with my family.

  17. What a wonderful party! So many great details. All the girls look like they are really enjoying themselves!



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